Coming from 75% and 50% Iberian pigs, raised in pastures based on grasses, weeds, roots, acorns, and natural animal feed.

It can weigh 7-10 kg.


Iberian grain fed cebo ham, salt, preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and antioxidants (E-301 and E-331i).Colour: Red, pinkish with streaks of pearly white fat mixed in tissues.

External appearance: Consistent, firm, traditional. Slightly flattened appearance.

Appearance when cut: Consistent, marbled, characteristic.

Texture: HHomogeneous, slightly fibrous and without pastiness or softening. When pressing the thumb on the fat layer, it sinks easily.

Aroma and taste: Pleasant, characteristic. We can find traces of almonds, juicy, mild taste, easy to eat.

Other formats: Boneless, sliced and cut with a knife.
More than 30 months.
Energetic Value: 415 Kcal / 1.724 KJ.
Protein (g): 33.3 g
Carbohydrates: <0.1 g
Sugar: <0.1 g
Fat: 25.3 g
Saturated Fat: 11.2 g
Salt: 3.6 g