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Promotion only available at the indicated point of sale or via e-mail at pedidos@julianbecerro.com.

Delivery not included.

Julián Becerro – Arenal

Promotions only available in our store: Arenal. C/ Arenal, 28 (Madrid) – T: +34 810 521 988. Valid until end of stock or promotion:

  • Season promotion: 1 packet of fattening Iberico ham 50% iberian race, 1 packet of loin fattening on farm 50% iberian race and 1 packet of acorn-fed iberico salchichón. Each packet contains 150 gr. of product. All sliced and vacuum packaging – €22,30
  • Take-Away Promotion: Assortment + 2 drinks. The assortment can be of “Chacinas” (Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo, Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón #salami-like spiced sausage# and Iberian blood pudding # 25 of each product) or Cereal Fed Iberian Loin (50 grams). Ask for drinks options – €10,50
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